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Dua Mailk Wedding Pictures/Expecting baby


Gone are the times when celebrities felt that getting married will bring down their fan following and their careers will fall in to danger zone. In past we have seen that actors and specially actresses resisted to get married, as the thought that I will be very difficult for them to retain their fans.


Plus they also felt that it would get very difficult for them to carry on their showbiz life. Now the time has changed and today’s celebrities ties knot whenever they feel that they have found love of their life or their life partner. They don’t take marriage as a hurdle in their career.

Today’s celebrities rather share such news with their fans and they think that its right of their fans to know what special is going in their lives. Recently Dua Malik a famous morning show host and sister of the famous Humaima Malik got married to Sohail Haider few days back. Its totally a love marriage and Dua is very happy after getting married to Sohail Hiader.


Sohail Haider by profession is composer and he has composed many famous songs. Sohail Haider seems to be a perfect couple as they fix with each other very well. Dua has shared her feelings after getting married to Sohail Haider and we all know how open Dua is, when it comes to sharing her feelings. She told her fans how much happy she is after getting love of her life and she also has shared her honey moon pictures on Instagram and facebook page.

Dua also shared very special news and that is that she is expecting a baby and she was overwhelmed by this news. The pictures shared by Dua are very colorful and one can imagine how happy Dua is after getting married to Sohail Haider. We wish this couple best of luck.

Dua Mailk Wedding Pictures:






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