Efforts for Urdu Language Learning in Saudi Arabia

(Last Updated On: 24/05/2015)

In 2014 Ghulam Yazdani commented like this:

 “Urdu language is spreading all over the world and its popularity is gaining ground in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is interesting to note that many expatriates and a number of Saudi nationals are being drawn to this language and have started to understand the poetry, literature and culture of Urdu,”

Recently a quarterly program “Aao Urdu Seikhein” (let’s learn Urdu) was organized in Jeddah by Urdu academy.

the president of Urdu academy is quit hopeful and full of ambition.

Jamal Qadri, president of Urdu Academy, in his address said that, “We are advancing with optimism and will never succumb to the views of those who always criticize and talk about the downfall of Urdu language.”

Not only the president but different speakers also gave their speeches.

Dr Aleem khan is one of them, he is president of socio-reforms socialist.

His topic was ‘The secrets of speech for Urdu orators’  and in his speech he commented

“A speaker should first decide what is to be said. Secondly, he should conclude his speech before the given time. Even a good orator must prepare well and stick to the relevant topic.”


Abdul Jabba President of United Telangana Forum spoke about how Urdu language is a symbol of our civilization. He even demanded the government to make it a compulsory part of the course in schools. He requested the Urdu lovers to increase their efforts and to try to spread it among online communities and forums.

among others was Sayeeduddin, President of Indian Engineers Forum . His emphasize was on parents and talked about the benefits the children and students will get from learning a language like Urdu.

urdu language

He further added that a single academy can do much about keeping the language alive, everybody at every level will have to participate for the propagation and growth of the Urdu language. He emphasized the need of community members to come forward and to give their valuable suggestions to make the efforts more successful.

The evening was a success. With different speeches it also had humor included.  People were refreshed by listening to the funny poetry by Arif Masood Sidiqui. about 20  people also participated in a computerized quiz program ” Spell the word”. Overall the evening ended on a good and happy note.

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