Hilarious Newspaper Ads: Faisal Qureshi vs Nargis Fakhri, is it Battle of Curves or Smartphones?

(Last Updated On: 28/12/2015)

The last week the Newspaper ad which have been in the headline has got its next instalmment and, this time, Ufone has been advertising their Smartphone in which Faisal Qureshi have been featuring and is seen lying the very similar way the Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri did while featuring in ad for the latest phones launched by Mobilink.

Both the endorsement are quite similar but have a way different outcome as this one featuring Faisal Qureshi has been becoming the laughing stocks for the audiences although the other one showing Nargis Fakhri became the blooper and every Tom, Dick and, Harry whole-heartedly banished the makers and the one who was featuring in the ads.

At first, Nargis Fakhri kept quite over the social media enrage in Pakistan but when this  further turned out as a deliberate  campaign, then she commented over the situation telling that she wasn’t aware of this ad being featured on the Urdu newspaper and it was all depending on the telecos that how they got the ad published.

Ufone is famous for its TVC’s as they are well boosted with creativity and shows the wittiest side of their brains, which spreads away smiles to everyone. And with their some tremendous ad’s it will never be wrong to call them the uncrowned king of producing Top ad’s in Pakistan.

In the latest ad in which Faisal Qureshi is seen lying in the same style on the front page as Nargis Fakhri did possess some strong staricial elements, although this was nothing new as they also have been using their utmost brilliance to negate the opponent’s sensation and later to steal the show.

If  I am not wrong they are the one who rephrased the quote “Sachi Yari Sab Pay Bhari” as “Sachi Yari Jaeb P Bhari”.

Tell us how did you find the latest Newspaper ad of Ufone.

Ufone Ad appearing on the Newspaper


Mobilink Ad appearing on the Newspaper


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