Instagram reaches 5 lakh users in Pakistan

Instagram has become one of the most rapidly growing social network, even it has crossed the Facebook in means of growth rate. The photo sharing app, founded in 2010, reached 400 million users worldwide September this year. Making it the fastest social platform to get on to the screens of such huge number of people.

This online photo and video sharing social network is much further generous than other of the social networks as it also allows its users to share their photos and videos on other social networking platforms, just by clicking a single button.

Instgram users in Pakistan are not much densely populated as of other social networks but if we look it worldwide, Instgram has surpassed Twitters 316 million users with gaining up 400 million users.

The fastest growing social networking platform is not very similar to its counterparts, as it is getting much popular, it has a glittering world inside. Many of the prominent stars and celebrities use Twitter as their first preference and most importantly newbies trying to rule the world are also uploading their captivating photos and videos to get popular among masses.

Many of the young models have entered the main stream line or have got into limelight just after they gain popularity on this social media platform.

Instgram was created by Kevin Systorm and Mike Kriger, and was later bought by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2012 with marking a $1bn deal.

According to the sources, Instagram has reached 5 lakh users in Pakistan, despite this they are behind Twitter in terms of having max users in Pakistan. Twitter is the second most popular social network in Pakistan after Facebook and some reliable sources claim in coming times number of Instagram users in Pakistan will surpass Twitter users, as Twitter is even loosing its grip over its users worldwide.


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