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Leopard Courier Tracking Using Id Number

(Last Updated On: 03/06/2015)

Leopards Courier Services (LCS) is among the Pakistan leading courier services. LCS has over 1,036 destinations for general clients. These destinations are fed and controlled by 164 major hubs located throughout Pakistan, where courier is sorted and dispatched for nationwide destinations

LCS has also provided the service of “Track Shipments” to its client. If you want to track your shipment then click here and type your eight digit shipment number and click on track. The detail of your shipment will be provided to you. If your shipment is already delivered, it will show you the time and day and the person who collected on your behalf.


The distribution network of LCS is designed in such a way so that mail from all over Pakistan is distributed the very next day except for few areas/stations.

Click here to track your shipmnet(s).

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