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Nargis to shake Shalimar theatre with her stage drama comeback on November 6

(Last Updated On: 31/10/2015)

Nargis aka Queen of Stage is all set to make her way back in the industry, the proficient dancer 3 years ago decided to wrap up her acting-dancing career of Lollywood and stage drama due to her domestic reasons.

Many sources also claimed that, Nargis parted her ways following her closeness towards the religious activities.  Even after 3 years have passed of her departure from the industry, none other actress have taken over the command of drama and the slot which Nargis left vacant is till unreachable by her counterparts.


There was a buzz from long time that the trendsetter of stage drama is making her comeback in the field. But they were termed just as rumors, however the latest updates tell that the Queen of Stage is all set to rock on with her comeback on Shalimar theater on November 6.

It is also said that, Nargis was aiming to make her comeback but it was delayed as Ashura was in observance and all the stage activities were adjourned.

Not to forget that, Nargis entertained the film-stage drama industry for over 20 years. She jumped up making her debut in Lollywood, when she was in her teenage.


Nargis is one of the not many stage stars, who have enjoyed so much stardom and posses fans countrywide. Her decision of getting out of the scenario was taken out as a bold step as that she was at the top of her career and every of the producer was eyeing to just cast Nargis to get a big business buzz.

Here is the video in which three years back she told about her departure form the industry due to her personal reasons.

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