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Telenor Open Mind Program 2015: Jobs for Disabled Persons

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 01/11/2015)

As per its commitment ‘Here to Help’, Telenor is offering jobs for people with disabilities under its initiative taken 15 years ago as ‘Open Mind Trainee Program’ (By Telenor Khuddar Pakistan in Pakistan). The aim of providing this special training program is to enhance the awareness, accessibility and skills of persons with disabilities.  These jobs are especially for disabled persons living in Pakistan subject to meeting the qualification criteria.

Telenor Open Mind Program is actually a training program for both kind of people who are facing physical disabilities or any kind of mental health challenges.

What is Open Mind Program?

Open Mind Program is the training program by Telenor that is offered three times in a year normally in January, April and September. This year instead of September, it comes in November. The program is offered in Norway, Sweden and Pakistan. The selected candidates are provided following:

  • 2 months computer training and courses
  • 22 months of work experience and training

During 22 months of work experience and training, candidates work in various departments of Telenor such as: administration, accounts, helpdesk, customer support, management, customer service and surveillance.

What will be offered after successful completion of job?

After completing the training program, three out of four candidates will be offered permanent jobs at Telenor or elsewhere (second priority).

Who can apply?

  • People who have some form of physical disability/hearing/vision impairment or mental health related issues are eligible to apply.
  • Qualification: Intermediate/A-Level to Higher Education (any)
  • Candidate must be passionate and motivated and that is one of the most important requirements as well.
  • Candidates with diverse educational background are preferred. qwertt

Benefits for the participants

  • One of the main benefits is availability of an environment for work experience and training.
  • Availability of job after successful completion of training. Three out of fours will be offered permanent job
  • Society benefits

How to Apply for Job?

Click here and follow the procedure prescribed in picture.CR6DyKBUEAAereA

Some successful stories of the past participants


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Posted by Telenor Pakistan on Friday, 16 October 2015

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