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Nescafe Basement 4: List of final selected participants

(Last Updated On: 23/10/2015)

The music show, Nescafe Basement arrived amid of bunch of other stable music events, was organized in 2012, had successfully proved its presence on the board. The show intends to brought up some amazing music talent from the top Pakistani institutes and so far the show organizers along with mentor Zulfi have been incredible in setting new trend in Pakistan music history.

The very soon upcoming show will be marking its 4th season, yet the final dates are not out. As we earlier told you about the auditions and arrival of the 4th season of Nescafe Basement, here we’ll be telling you about the most awaited final list of participants of the show this season.

Nescafe Basement 4 team under control of Xulfi visited the top educational institutes countrywide. The team Nescafe seems to be quite happy to see huge talent running around in vessels of the young Pakistanis.

The show lauds “your first step towards stardom”, as before it also had been paving path for many young music-holics. And the rising stars getting fame from this platform are now successfully representing themselves in enriched Pakistani music industry.

The results were scheduled to be announced on October 10, but as this was the most difficult part to sort out the ‘better among the bests’, the results were delayed and were disclosed on October 20.

Here is the final list of performers of Nescafe Basement 4:





Note: The results are accumulated from both online and auditions held in universities.

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