Nescafe Basement 4 on its way; Music-holics tune your channels

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 07/10/2015)

Nescafe Basement is coming-up with their fourth edition, the show commenced back in 2012 have become widely popular within no time. It can be regarded as the 2nd most popular Music show of Pakistani television in recent times, although its inventiveness and uniqueness is something not available in other its counterparts.

The music show aims to unveil the underground music talent in the country and is successfully able to do so far. The show provides chance to the youngster or newbies, who haven’t been known to this world and hold some sensational music talent.

The show from its commencing date so far has produced some amazing talent to the Pakistani Music Industry. Several other music shows have also been busying in generating some raw talent, despite this ‘the fertile musical land’ is left with a huge talent.

Nescafe Basement 4: The auditions are over and  Xulfi, the mentor of the show will be shortlisting the candidates for this season on 10th October. The team headed by Xulfi visited leading educational institutes, like NUST, LUMS, IBA, SABIZT, GIKI, BNU and FC for auditions. On the other hand, large number of online auditions were also held.

After finalizing the candidates, soon the show will made it to the screens. However, date of launch is not yet finalized.

Xulfi, speaking about the auditions and 4th edition of Nescafe Basement, told: “It’s always inspiring to go out and look for the young talent of Pakistan. And this year has seen the widest audition drive compared to the previous three seasons. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the talent that I’ve discovered for this season has already excited me for the music-making process that’s about to start in a few days. I’d let the artists and their talent be a surprise for the audience. Rest assured, it’s going to positively amaze you, yet again.”

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