Register yourself! Aamir Liaquat coming back with Inaam Ghar on Geo TV

The proficient broadcaster Aamir Liaquat is back with a bang, some days back he was appointed as president of Geo TV, at that time he also made revelation about his upcoming venture and also vowed that his upcoming arrival will set new benchmark in the industry.

And here we are up with news that Aamir Liaquat Hussain will be coming back on Geo TV, and not to forget he’ll be starring in his famous show Inaam Ghar, which is a game/quiz show, attracting viewers as it develops sound knowledge and also rewards prizes to the participants.

The quiz show, Inaam Ghar is listed among the top shows of Pakistan as it captivates the viewers with some handsome prizes. However, till now date for its arrival on screen is yet not made as it is just primarily working right now over registration  and then audition of the contests before making their appearance in the live gaming show.

This was displayed on official website of Aamir Liaquat
This was displayed on official website of Aamir Liaquat

As the Facebook page of Inaam Ghar brags that the plot of the show will be different then the earlier one as in this the prizes will be given to the capable ones who will be made part of the show after clearing the auditions.

However, talking about the pricier gifts like, houses, cars, plots and bikes would also be given as it is done in the previous seasons. Not only this, cash prizes of hundred thousand will also be given in the show.

How to get register for auditions ?

You can register yourself on the WhatsApp Numbers for auditions

All you need is to send the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your picture
  • Your city
  • Your educational background




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