Sanam Saeed Turns into Indian Actress in new Film Bachaana

There was a time when Pakistani film industry was rich in its own actors and actresses and small screen and silver screen rarely mingled. But with time it is the actors from small screen who are keeping the silver screen alive in Pakistan. Many actors are working in new films and making a name for them. The newest is Pakistani drama actress Sanam Saeed.

She rose to fame with drama serial “Zindagi gulzar hai” by Umaira Ahmad. The story was about a small town girl who makes it big on her own. Having grown up with parental issues she finds it hard to trust any men and eventually learns to do so. Her newest work is the upcoming Pakistani film Bachaana . In this film she is playing an Indian girl. Now a day when actors are going to India to work in films, it must be interesting to play an Indian girl staying in your homeland.

Her character is a bubbly girl who becomes a victim of fate and ends up taking help from a Pakistani taxi driver Vicky. The film focuses on their growing relationship and will be released in India and Pakistan both countries.

Sanam commented as follows

“I thoroughly enjoyed the script and Aalia’s character. She was very unlike the roles I had played before. All of us, in whatever way we can, are wanting to and trying to bridge the gaps and differences between India and Pakistan,”

She further added

“We have been die-hard fans of their (Indian) movies for decades, and now they are enjoying our storytelling through the small screen. Our actors are crossing borders and so are our stories now. And that is what I saw in Bachaana”. The film is light and easy. I was really enjoying getting into Aalia’s character with the mannerisms, clothes and diction.

At the end of the day though, Aalia is a south Asian girl that I am very familiar with – whether she be Indian or Pakistani. This is a contemporary, easy, breezy, feel good rom-com. I’m sure audiences for India and Pakistan will both enjoy this fun zesty story.”

The film is titled “Bachaana“ and it is being produced by Rizwaan Saeed.

While this will be Sanam Saeed’s first film it is also the first direction project for a feature film for Nasir Khan.

Let’s hope the film brings luck and opens more doors to actress Sanam Saeed.


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