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Sattarbuksh Not Just Another StarBucks Café In Karachi

(Last Updated On: 20/06/2015)

These days we are hearing about a lot about Sattar Buksh right on social media as it resemble the renowned coffee company Starbucks which is serving in different countries of the world. The outlet of Sattar Buksh is situated near Clifton very near to Edhi Child home. Sattar Buksh is located like a small cottage type building where there are providing their services to soothe the taste buds of their customers. People there can enjoy coffee with paratha and Nutella. Else than that if someone is interested to have a heavenly flavoured perfect tea with fried eggs then it’s a good option for him or her.


The outlet of Sattar Buksh is decorated with pop art sofas there is an open air setting for smokers where hukkas are provided meanwhile there is a separate non-suffocating place for non-smokers also.

Sattar Buksh provide their customers “be Sharam topless burger “ while Nutella servings are the most wanted and appreciated food items of them.

Sattar Baksh was established back in 2012 it got its fame because of their eye catching liner on social media.

There online adds go virally and they got bumper response lot of people were there at their door step and they were super excited and astonished by seeing this.  Though they have mentioned in their facebook page that they have nothing to do with international coffee brand Starbucks and they just love to cater every one come to their doorstep. Desi-ness factor of Sattar Baksh is quite captivating.


Starbuck on this took action and asked to change the name of Sattar Buksh as it is similar to the Starbuck. Then new logo was designed by the Sattar Buksh to prove that they belong to a peace loving nation and secondly because it was something related to America. As Starbuck took noticed on this small cafe its fame go virally across the borders. People across the border visited to this cafe because of its fame.

Because of their desi features and good catchy lines on the internet they got fame across the border not equal to Starbuck but because of Starbuck.


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