Top Funny Asian and Chinese Names

By Abdul Hadi — Published on 11/07/2015

Chinese language is one of the most hardest learn, whether it is speaking, reading and writing. Learning this language, it can be very difficult to manage time for it, because it can a very long time for someone who is not familiar to Chinese community. Chinese language looks so funny while reading or speaking to majority of the world, especially English speaking people. Let ‘s have a look on some most funny Chinese names:


Funny Chinese Names 2023 updated:

  1. Chai Chowmein
  2. Samosa Tang
  3. Jalebi Li
  4. Tikka Manchurian
  5. Gulab Jamun Wang
  6. Biryani Chen
  7. Kachori Chang
  8. Paratha Hu
  9. Gol Roti Zhang
  10. Papad Fu
  11. Chutney Chow
  12. Mango Lu
  13. Ladoo Shen
  14. Noodle Xi
  15. Chaat Yang
  16. Kebab Ma
  17. Pakora Liu
  18. Biscuit Wang
  19. Korma Chen
  20. Gajar Halwa Guo
  21. Chai Li
  22. Gup Shup Zhang
  23. Khatti Meethi Shi
  24. TikTok Wang
  25. Papdi Lin
  26. Chutney Tang
  27. Chilli Chowmein
  28. Gulab Tang
  29. Naan Xu
  30. Pani Puri Wei
  31. Biryani Chen
  32. Paratha Zhang
  33. Samosa Li
  34. Jalebi Guo
  35. Gajar Halwa Yang
  36. Chai Hu
  37. Kebab Ma
  38. Kachori Wang
  39. Biscuit Chen
  40. Mango Liu
  41. Chutney Tang
  42. Gol Roti Guo
  43. Tikka Hu
  44. Chaat Chen
  45. Ladoo Zhang
  46. Noodle Lu
  47. Chilli Wang
  48. Samosa Shi
  49. Pakora Lin
  50. TikTok Wei
  51. Biryani Liu
  52. Korma Chen
  53. Gup Shup Shi
  54. Paratha Tang
  55. Chai Zhang
  56. Mango Chen
  57. Gulab Jamun Guo
  58. Chutney Li
  59. Papad Hu
  60. Kebab Liu
  61. Gol Roti Chen
  62. Pani Puri Yang
  63. Chilli Guo
  64. Ladoo Shi
  65. Noodle Wang
  66. Samosa Chen
  67. Biscuit Xu
  68. Kachori Wei
  69. TikTok Guo
  70. Biryani Hu
  71. Chaat Chen
  72. Korma Shi
  73. Pakora Guo
  74. Jalebi Li
  75. Paratha Wang
  76. Chutney Zhang
  77. Gulab Jamun Guo
  78. Chai Xu
  79. Gol Roti Liu
  80. Pani Puri Tang
  81. Biryani Chen
  82. Mango Wang
  83. Ladoo Li
  84. Tikka Yang
  85. Chutney Chen
  86. Kebab Shi
  87. Samosa Guo
  88. Gajar Halwa Hu
  89. Chilli Zhang
  90. Noodle Lin
  91. Gulab Jamun Guo
  92. Korma Li
  93. Papdi Chen
  94. Biscuit Guo
  95. Pakora Liu
  96. Chaat Tang
  97. Paratha Wang
  98. Jalebi Chen
  99. TikTok Guo
  100. Biryani Shi
Sum Ting WongWai Yu Mun ChingAi Bang Mai Ni
Wai So DimSze Yu Sum DeiCau Cin Cau
Wai Yu Mun ChingYu Go NoaYu Stin Ki Pu
No Pah KingFu XiLei YingLu
Wai Yu Kum NaoShiNa Pah King
Sum Ting WongZhangHu Yu Hai Ding
Long WangHuangKum Hia
Hung LoOu YangDum Gai
Enormous GenitalsSi TuWu Mei
Hoo Flung DungXia HouBei Ling Hai
Li Ying FucDong GuoHu Flung Dung
Hu Yu Hai DingRongWai Yu Kum Noa
Ho Lee FockKangWai Hang Mi
Tai Ni Po NiXianAi Bang Mai Ni
Hung WhellZhiChin Tu Fat
Chu Mi GooMiaoWai So Dim
Yung Thin HoWeiHow Long Wei Ting

Funny Asians Names:


Here are some funny Asians names given below:
Mamon-el-toleton M’Ballz Es-Hari Grabbir Boubi Haid D’Salaami

Hous Bin Pharteen I-Bin Pharteen I-Zheet M’Drurz Shaif Hirboush

Al-Suq Akweer Mustaf Herod Apyur Poupr Awan Afuqya
Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch Apul Madeek-Auod Yuliqa M’Diq

Uwana M’Diq Usuqa M’Diq Sheik Urbooty

Ben Dover Osama bin Hidin

Suresh == Sure ass
Dikpal === Dick pal
Prekshya == Prick Chya
Pusendra = Pussy Ender
Bagmati = Bang Mate
RamKant = Ram Cunt
Sukmit = Suck meat ( Suck me )
Sagar = Shag her
Sukmaya = suck Mah
Dipankar = The Banger

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