Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)


Allah is the Arabic word for God. In Islam there are 99 Names of God (asmaul husna meaning: “The best names”) each name show characteristic of Allah. You can Get honoured in world and akhirat(heaven) by remembering and repeating the 99 name of Allah almighty. You can get rid of your daily problems by reciting these names.


Ya Rehmaan: To recite 100 times after every prayer you will be love for everyone will come from.

Ya Salam: Patient will be healed if this name is recited 160 times and blown (dam).

Ya Azeez: 40 days after the fajar prayer, reciting the person become autonomous.

Ya Khaliq: 100 times, that person who make a routine reciting the after zuhar prayer God set the Angel of Resurrection will continue to pray for the reader. His face will be bright. If the couple is childless then recite 1000 times’ daily. Allah will give them children.

Ya Razaq: That person who recite this name Allah will take care of his sponsorship.

Ya wahab : after pray (dua) recite this name their pray will accept. That person who has less income and cannot afford recite this name continue 7 night after two rikat nafil pray 1000 times they can get rid of their problem.


Ya Aleem: Recite 100 times before sun shine God’s mercy all problem will away. Life will be very peaceful.

Ya Kabeer : Who recite this name daily 100 times they will be respected person for everyone.

Ya Moqeet: If any child has bad habit then recite this name and blown (dam) on the glass of water and drunk him.

Ya Wase: For getting job recite this name they can get job with the help of Allah almighty.

Ya Haq : recite this name get things which are lost.

Ya Qawi: Those people who are facing problem from their enemy, that person recite this name for save from enemy.

Ya rasheed: between after maghrib and isha prayer 1000 times recite this name the problem will away.

Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)1_4

Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)2_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)3_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)4_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)5_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)6_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)7_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)8_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)9_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)10_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)11_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)12_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)13_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)14_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)15_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)16_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)17_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)18_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)19_4 Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)20_4



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