Where is Petrol Pump? Find by PSO’s Station Finder app

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 19/08/2015)

Don’t just like halting and also inquiring persons for instructions to the closest petrol pump right? It’s time that PSO has released its mobile app ‘PSO Station Finder’. For anyone who could be believing that it is only likely to pop up just the closest PSO station, reconsider people. This app provides loaded much more functions than that. When you have an index of most liked apps, adding that one to this checklist also. It’s an overall Global positioning system station locator that facilitates real-time maps, gives instructions to the closest PSO station, functions filtration system choices, indicates facts about the stations and much more. Absolutely no register needed.

Not like some other countries, we still absence a little on getting petrol pumps and stations on each part. We still need a to visit quite some distance for enhancing our transportation and structure consisting of having petrol pumps and direction boards. I admit, we will now use Global positioning system in Pakistan, only a few years ago we had been far away from that road. Just recently, I began driving and I won’t tell the public however I am great with studying instructions. For someone just like me, dealing with restaurants, shopping malls, and also well-known sites isn’t an issue however getting a station close by occasionally will get terrible. Not only for the beginner drivers, also people who aren’t good with studying instructions or going to locations on holidays, this particular cellular app serves just like a life saver.
How it operates?

Unfortunately, you are able to just download this app on Android smartphones (compatible with Android 3.0 and above) for now; wish you’ll have iOS and Windows versions speedily for the clients. With respect to non-android clients, you may still discover a PSO station from here. For the time being, it functions with internet connection and utilizes Global positioning system to identify a user’s location and then displays all the nearby PSO stations on the map. With PSO Station Finder, you are one click away from finding the nearest fuel pump. Search for ‘PSO Station Finder’ on Play Store and click Install.

Now here’s what I have found truly interesting relating to this app and I am assured we all can connect with this particular. I am always searching for stations that have Store Stops, and on our lengthy journeys my father is usually searching for stations with Masjid therefore he doesn’t must miss any prayer. It’s usually a win-win situation whenever you can discover all kinds of services at a station close by. With this particular app, you are able to remove those choices just like Shop Stop (my favorite), business centre, CNG/diesel pump, mosque, car wash, speedy oil change, restaurant (not all PSO stations have them, only a few), tyre shop, ATM (many of us don’t hold money all the time, utilizing a credit card usually works out at the stations), etc. However, many importantly Open 24/7 stations, due to the fact when you’re touring or reside in a city like Lahore, you just need to obtain a refuel after night time. Furthermore, it provides advice on traveling for a less dangerous travel occasionally.

I believed I might simply click on screen and all sorts of close by stations will undoubtedly appear on the map, however it didn’t. The secret is to select your own filters (POL, facilities and non-fuel retail) buttons first, only you certainly take a look at the most preferred closest PSO stations. View screenshots below (with brief descriptions):

Click on screen if this seems after starting the app, a map shows up with no PSO stations displayed.

Don’t we simply enjoy getting mobile apps for all the things? Obtaining the hold on this mobile app could be a little bit difficult initially, specifically for those people who are not used to Global positioning system locators so when you don’t have this particular several PSO stations close by your location. I’m able to hardly discover Two close to my house. Therefore show patience, when you take a look at this, you may appreciate the designers at PSO. It’s a great effort obtained by PSO to become proficient for drivers planning to find close by stations inside their cities, new places and on the highway. Plan your stop in different ways with PSO Station Locater.

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