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Allied Bank Launches Pakistan’s First PayPak Debit Card

Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 27/09/2016)

Allied Bank Pakistan has launched PayPak card that seems to be the local version of PayPal. It is a locally switched card that has no dependency on any international payment schemes at all. With Allied PayPak Debit Card the customers of ABL can conduct retail and purchase transactions in addition to ATM transaction. However, this debit card can be used within of Pakistan only. The best about Allied PayPak Debit Card is that all purchase transactions made through this are PIN based that will ensure the enhanced security.

Allied PayPak Debit Card is available in two variants:

ABL Debit PayPak Classic Card – Regular Account

ABL Debit PayPak Classic Card – Asaan Account

Eligibility for ABL PayPak Debit Card

Customers i.e. sole proprietor, individual, anyone, can operate or either/survivor (in the case of a joint account) can opt for PayPak Debit Card Variants through his or her parent ABL branch.

Allied PayPak Debit Card Transaction Limits limits

For more information read out these FAQs

  • What is PayPak?

PayPak is Domestic Payment Scheme owned and operated by 1LINK Guarantee Ltd duly approved by State Bank of Pakistan.

  • What is Allied PayPak Debit Card?

The debit cards issued under PayPak are named as Allied PayPak Debit Card and will be able to carry out not only ATM transactions but also retail/purchase transactions anywhere within Pakistan.

  • How is Allied PayPak Debit card different from Allied Cash + Shop Visa Debit Card (VDC)?

Allied PayPak Debit card is only valid for making transactions (ATM & Purchase) in Pakistan while with Allied Cash + Shop Visa Debit Card transactions can be conducted all over the globe.

  • Where can I use my Allied PayPak Debit Card?

Your Debit Card can be used to carry out transactions on ATMs displaying 1Link and MNET signs and on PayPak merchants anywhere within Pakistan.

  • Is Allied PayPak Debit card secure?

All transactions made through Allied PayPak Debit Card are secure as the transaction whether conducted on ATM or POS requires PIN Code to process.

  • How do I activate my Allied PayPak Debit Card?

Please call our 24×7 Customer Service at 0800-22522 for activation of your Allied PayPak Debit Card.

  • How do I get my PIN (Personal Identification Number) issued?

To generate your PIN and in case you forget your PIN, you can get assistance from Allied Phone Banking at 0800-22522.

  • What kind of transactions can I do with my Allied PayPak Debit Card?
    • Shop at Point-of-Sale (POS) displaying PayPak sign
    • Cash withdrawal through ATM displaying 1Link & MNET signs
    • PIN Change
    • Utility Bill Payment
    • Fund Transfer
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Mini Statement
    • Cheque Book request

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