Best 10 Must Read Urdu Romantic Novels


We as a whole appreciate reading romantic books by foreign novelists, and frequently disparage Pakistani writers, and this is on account of we overlook that Pakistanis are conceived, romantic people. Writing or films, romantic is the most loved class for the general population of Pakistan and subcontinent for long. Well discussing Urdu Novels, Pakistan has delivered numerous awesome writers, authors, and novelists who have fulfilled their work in a similar classification with incredible flexibility and profundity. Taking after is the rundown of 10 Best Urdu Romantic Novels.


1. Ishq ka Ain by Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqiishq-ka-eain

The novel is an anecdote about Ilahi Bakhsh, a needy individual from Abbottabad, the delightful valley of Pakistan, and Sadi (Sadia), a rich young lady from Karachi. Ilahi Bakhsh goes from Abbottabad to Karachi to for employment and begins a job of loader in Karachi. His Ishq (Love) with Sadi was Ishq Majazi yet transforms into Ishq Haqeeqi, and he turns into a holy person, and Allah Almighty affirms his dua. The book is exceptionally fascinating, and when one begins understanding it, it is tough to abandon it before completing the book.

2. Pyar Ka Pehla Shehar by Mustansar Hussain Tararpyar-ka-pehla-shehar

Pyar Ka Pehla Shehar is a standout amongst the most romantic books ever. It is an account of a disabled person experiencing passionate feelings for; wonderfully depicting that adoration is not just for excellent or physically fit individuals rather everybody can begin to look all starry eyed at.


3. Jannat Ki Talash by Raheem Guljannat-ki-talash-by-raheem-gul-free-download-pdf

Jannat Ki Talaash is a conspicuous Urdu novel by noticeable Pakistani writer Rahim Gul. This is a kind of schedule than a novel, as the four characters including the principle character going in northern territories and Baluchistan, and examining with each other and with other individuals the genuine motivation behind life and person.

4. Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsiatumblr_nvqzgigx511ufm2ozo1_500

Raja Gidh is a standout amongst the most generally read and acclaimed Urdu books. Gidh is the Urdu word for a vulture and Raja is a Hindi equivalent word for Lord. The name expects the kingdom of vultures. The truth is told, parallel to the primary plot of the novel, a figurative story of such a country is described. The similitude of the vulture as a creature encouraging for the most part on the bodies of dead creatures is utilized to depict the trespassing of moral points of confinement forced by the general public or by the religion. Bano Qudsia has composed this novel drawing on the religious idea of Haraam and Halaal.

5. Khuda aur Mohabbat by Hashim Nadeemkhuda-aur-mohabbat-by-hashim-nadeem

Khuda Aur Mohabbat an intriguing novel composed by Hashim Nadeem is worth reading. It comprises of two sections: One that arrangements with Emotional clash, and another one arrangement in the religious clash. Both the sides bit by bit create keeping the readers drew in and engaged. A mind complaining story without a doubt!

6. Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaqhumsafar-700x999

Humsafar is a perfectly composed romantic novel on the solid relationship of husband wife, which assist gets solid by the obligation of their youngsters. The account of the novel strengthens that the life accomplices do not just need love to carry on with a cheerful wedded life yet trust and trust in each other. It additionally assumes a noteworthy part in one’s life.

7. Peer-e-Kamil SAW by Umera Ahmedpeer-e-kamil

Peer-e-Kamil (The Perfect Mentor) is a story concentrating on a deviational group which disregards the irrevocability of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the meantime, portraying an awful trip of two miserable souls; Salaar Sikandar, a virtuoso with an exceptional I.Q who has convoluted inquiries about existence and Imama Hashim, a common young lady with a steady family. Both are posts separated as far as otherworldly arousing. Predetermination moves their lives to run into each other ways until Salaar becomes hopelessly enamored with Imama after confronting an alarming knowledge that thoroughly changes the course of his life.

8. Bano by Razia Buttdownload-bano-novel-by-razia-butt

Extremely tragic reality! This book has an intense message about what Pakistan truly implies conveyed by the character Bano! Read the book, and you’ll begin about the individuals who battled for Pakistan in those days in 1947. This book touches a crude nerve. The things that happened to Bano and her family happened to my family, and a huge number of others, so I need to pull it together once in a while. There was a slaughter of individuals, and after that, there was a slaughter of the trust.

9. Amrat Kaur by Amjad Javedamrit-kaur

Amjad Javed composes Amrit Kaur is an exceptionally popular novel. It depends on the hardships of affection over the fringes. It is an account of the parcel in 1947 that made many romantic tales brimming with anguish, distress, and misfortune. It is about those excellent connections of individuals living respectively for quite a long time who abruptly got to be outsiders and even adversaries.

10. Umrao Jan Ada by Mirza Hadi Ruswaumrao-jaan-ada-by-mirza-hadi-ruswa

This is Ruswa’s unbelievable retelling of the life of a mistress of Lucknow, a lady of culture, appeal and mind. And also a poet, singer, and dancer. Rich in chronicled detail, the novel encapsulates old Lucknow and its exquisite wantonness. Umrao Jaan Ada is a vital piece of Urdu Adab. The story based on the Lucknow Nawab culture of the nineteenth century.


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