Dr. Ayesha Hussain Crosses Snake Through Nose & Mouth in Waqar Zaka’s Over the Edge Show

(Last Updated On: 18/05/2016)

In an ongoing audition for the Waqar Zaka’s show Over the Edge, a brave girl Dr. Ayesha presented a very dangerous audition by putting a live snake up and out of the mouth. It was an eye-watering performance by this girl who presented a very dangerous act of inserting live snakes into her nostrils and pulling it out of her mouth.

The Waqar Zaka gave the task to the girl who was claiming about doing anything. However, the way she was doing was not looking something new for her. She did it very smartly that was enough to prove she had already done it before.


Well, there is hue and cry over the social media platforms. According to most of the people, it was a planted show, and Ayesha was already aware of how to do that challenge. The most impressive comments came from a person saying, as the doctors are familiar with the process of passing the pipe to stomach so they can easily do this job and the girls are familiar with that.

Girl Passing Snake from Nose to Mouth in Waqar Zaka’s ‘Over The Edge’ show


She slightly passes the snake through the passage which connects the back of the throat to the nasal activity.

The girls very brilliantly take out a harmless snake – which measures up to two to three feet long – and pushed it through her nose before letting it slither out of her mouth alive. She is not professional at all it this but was doing this very carefully and like a professional.

But it was simply awesome to prove the courage that girl who was claiming before the show to deliver the daring act and she proved it perfectly by accepting the audition challenge of Episode 4 of the Over the Edge.

After searching over the internet, it is confirmed she is the first ever female in the world to insert a snake from her nose and pulls it from her mouth.

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