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‘Udaari’ producer Momina Duraid opens up about PEMRA’s show-cause notice over controversial scene

(Last Updated On: 17/05/2016)

When its about reviews of critics and most of the viewers, Momina Duraid’s produced ‘Udaari’ is one of the most super drama of Pakistan’s drama industry, but yet it has gone controversial as the sensitive content in the drama seems to be inappropriate for some of the viewers.

The drama, which is on-aired on every Sunday from Hum TV platform is considered as one of the boldest and brightest drama of Pakistan’s drama industry by several online news outlets as they were of the view that drama is not provoking illicit activities in society, it is only bringing the stories which are left unheard by many.

But regardless to all this, PEMRA issued show-cause notice as the viewers reported the controversial scenes in the drama.

Days after all this, the producer of ‘Udaari’ has responded over the notice issued by PEMRA and she seemed quite confident that PEMRA will be getting their point that this drama has nothing wrong with it.

“We feel that Pemra might have been misled by a group of people who would never want our society to raise and flourish. We will explain our view point and present it with evidence. We are attaching articles and feedback supporting Udaari with our reply,” Momina said.

Speaking about if any violation done by drama ‘Udaari’ the eminent producer said, “We feel it (PEMRA) is a responsible body and will understand that this serial is important and crucial for social reform and will not use its power to take any action against this serial after we explain our side.”

The controversial scene which led to show-cause notice of PEMRA stars Ahsan Khan and Urwa Hocane, the scene shows uncle (Ahsan Khan) luring his niece (Urwa Hocane) for the illicit activities.

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