Startups ‘Get Paid to Drive’ offers upto Rs.97,000/month

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 01/04/2016)

As Pakistani tech market is getting its strong foot hold, the startups have been keenly trying to get their ideals well placed to get the fruit. Many of the young innovators have already shown their potential in the field and many are all set to take the market by storm by unleashing some brilliant and never heard before ideas.

Among these new entrants, a startup named vows to provide around 50,000 self-employed job opportunities. And with this initiative one can earn upto Rs. 97,000 per month, according to this startup.

Here it should be kept mentioned that, they are not paying for branding on your car or some idea like that. Simply, the one having his/her own car can get registered with this startup. Further, you will be connected with the customers in your area, dive for them when you want and get the payments in accordance of how much you drove.

This job is a kind of part time job, which can be done when one wants to earn by driving. The more he drive, more he’ll earn, there is not any rocket science in it.

Driver Requirements-

You must be 21 years of age or older.
You must have minimum 2 years driving experience.
You need to have your own car or you can rent one.
You must have valid car registration. It does not need to be in your name.
You must have a valid Driver’s License.
You must have a Passport/NIC.

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