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Google Translator can now translate Pashto and Sindhi

(Last Updated On: 22/02/2016)

As we all know that the world is turning out to be a global village, and in accordance with it multilingual society exists all around but even though the language gap doesn’t matters at all. This is because as Google Translator is with all of us.

Google have numerous services to offer to ease the live of its users,  following it the Google Translator is also one of it, as it is a free tool which allows you to translate the context in over 100 languages.

Earlier, the Google Translator offered support for the 90 languages, although now they have extended their support in 103 languages, including newly added Pashto and Sindhi language.

In the latest move, Google Translator have extended 13 more languages, making it 103 languages support for the users. With this, Google Translator provides support to around 120 million users.

Here are the 13 languages, which will be supported by Goggle Translator according to the recent move:

  • Sindhi
  • Pashto
  • Amharic
  • Corsican
  • Frisian
  • Kyrgyz
  • Hawaiian
  • Kurdish (Kurmanji)
  • Luxembourgish
  • Samoan
  • Scots Gaelic
  • Shona Xhosa

Google Translator services are quite benefit for those who wants to get on, although face obstacles due to difference in the language.

Sample Translation of Pashto language on Google Tranlsator


According to the blog written by the Google over extending their translate support, told that over 26 million Sindhi speakers and over 43 million Pashto speakers reside in the world and it as an essential facility for those whop are seeking to translate the content.

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