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Here’s how you can get free Uber ride in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 24/05/2016)

At one time Uber just seemed to be a dream for the riders in Pakistan, but now its been several months since Uber is moving on the roads of Lahore.

With Uber’s step in Pakistan, the taxi provider companies scratched their heads and tried to be more innovative to be in the race along with Uber.

Uber aka ‘Taxi Killer’ around the globe is doing same in Pakistan, the best thing it comes up with is that it is not only providing convenient and efficient service to riders, it is also sharing maximum revenues within the drivers, which are also hired on full time and part time basis from Lahore.

The promotional codes offered by Uber are one of their most lucrative offer to get the customer on board and treat him with their best service.

With these promotional codes you can get free rides, so thats why every one is looking to avail this offer.

How to get free Uber ride using promotional codes?

What you all have to do is download Uber app (Android or iPhone), and while registering for it click the promo code option that will be above on your Smart Phone screen. Enter the Promo code: VL64M and resume your registration process. With doing all this your first ride of worth Rs. 500 will be free.

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