How to Check Voter Registration Pakistan?

(Last Updated On: 16/01/2016)

To facilitate the 90 million plus voters in Pakistan, Election Commission of Pakistan has introduced an innovative SMS service to check/verify their vote status. This service allow the voters to SMS their CNIC number without spaces and hyphens to the 8300 at any time from any part of the country. Right after sending the SMS, the voter would receive the message containing information; CNIC number, location (electoral area), name of polling station, and serial number of the vote.

How to use the vote verify/check service of ECP?

Step 1: Type in message your CNIC number without spaces and hyphens i.e. 1234567890123

Step 2: Send SMS to 8300

Step 3: Detailed regarding your voting status will be immediately sent to your provided number.smsdetails

Note: Charges for checking the voter registration are Rs. 2/- plus tax per verification.


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