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How to Create Custom Frames for Facebook Photos and Videos?

(Last Updated On: 18/12/2016)

If you want to survive in a dynamic business world of today, then you must come with new features and functions to keep your fans your diehard fan. Keeping in view the same strategy, Facebook always comes with advanced functions and surprises for its users. Recently Facebook has launched another feature of creating custom profiles for photos. That feature of Facebook is much like that of the Snapchat that is already giving this feature to its fans.

This new feature of Facebook is the part of its Camera Effects introduced in its app. Simply speaking, customized frames are the interesting ways to show off yourself in a more dashing way. The users of Facebook can create frames and these can be adding to photos and videos of the users.


Here is how you can create your own customized frame for a profile pic.

Step 1: First you need to create a design in a PNG format with transparent background.

Step 2: Now upload it to the Facebook and arrange the pic in proper order.

Step 3: You can also preview the pic before finalizing to see how it will look in different sizes.

Step 4: Add some details about frame if you want.

Step 5: Now you can submit it to Facebook, and once it has been approved and activated it can be used by other people on their images and videos as well.


Frames can be of any type either general or location based. Check out the sample images below. The frames created by you can be used by the others.

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