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How to get jobs in Pakistan, Here are the points you need to follow right now

(Last Updated On: 05/06/2016)

While you are graduate and looking for a job, at first you need to break these common misconceptions in your mind:

  • Jobs aren’t waiting for you, means you will not be getting the job very next day you get your degree completed.
  • Nepotism and reference are not the only things which can make you stand at a better workplace.

So you need to stay positive while looking for a job, and you can use these points to help you get a better job at your desired place.

Give yourself some time

Getting job is quite similar than getting married, and in both the situation you can’t reverse all that easily. You should never hurl for job right away. First make it clear on your mind which job will work as a ladder to your dreams and will be befitting you monetarily.

Prepare your CV

Your CV should be influencing as even without your presence someone watching your CV would create you image in his/her mind.

Contact alumnus

They are the senior guys from the same institute from where you have got your education so no one better than them can you lead to the right job opportunity.

Use Social Media for searching jobs

A report tells that on average a student in UK spends 11.4 hours per week on social networking sites. So following this you can also contact people on your social circle to know about latest job openings.

Go to Online Job Portals

By doing this you will get general information about jobs including timings, demand, and efficiency of different jobs.

Drop CV’s

It might make you little hesitant but that is the best thing as it will give your confidence a check and will increase you PR.

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