How to Share Internet Volume from Zong to Zong


Now you can transfer internet data from your Zong number to another Zong number. It is very easy to share internet data with others, and that is just like balance transfer from one mobile number to another one.


The internet data can be shared with your family and friends with Zong internet data sharing plan. Zong is offering the Zongers to share their internet data bundles with up to ten friends and family numbers. After sharing internet data, all members can enjoy the internet with uninterrupted internet browsing, surfing, and online gaming.

It is sufficient that one person buys the data share bundle, whereas all the added group members can enjoy it without any changes as long as they subscribed data share bundle volume is available.

How to Subscribe for Zong Internet Share Bundle?

Dial *6464*5# & follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Create Group
  • Step 2: Subscribe to a bundle
  • Step 3: Add member & start sharing!

Zong Internet Sharing Offer Mechanics:

Data Share Bundle:Price (Rs)
Monthly 5GB500
Monthly 10GB900

Zong Internet Sharing Help and Friendly Asked Questions

What will happen once data share bundle has run out of volume?


Group owner & all the group members will be charged as per their data base package if they have one. If not, they will be charged at the standard out of bundle rate of Rs.1/MB within bundle validity period.

Can Data Share bundle co- exist with other data bundles?

Yes, it will co-exist with all the data bundles.

What if a group member has his data bundle, in addition to the data share bundle? Which will consume first?

Data share bundle will be consumed first. Once its if fully consumed, group member’s data bundle will be consumed next.

Will a customer have to create group every time he buys a new data share bundle?

No. Group will remain active once created, unless the group owner deletes it himself, or deletes certain members.

How will a group member know he/she can use the data share bundle?

He/she will be sent an intimation SMS while added in the group and bundle is shared.

Can MBB & Internet SIM numbers be added in the Data Share group?

No, MBB & Internet SIM numbers are not eligible to be added in Data Share group.

How can group owner check his Data Share bundle usage?

Dial *6464*5# >4>1

How can group member check his Data Share bundle usage?

Dial *6464*5# >4>2

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