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Humayun Saeed-Mehwish Hayat starrer ‘Dillagi’ second teaser out

(Last Updated On: 08/02/2016)

‘Dillagi’ marks Humayun Saeed’s return on drama screens after hiatus of four year, in this duration Saeed astounded silver screen with two back-to-back block-busters on the board.

The other thing which makes this drama more clearer on the board is that makers of Jawani Phir Ni Aani film has teamed up for this initiative on TV screens.

Humayun Saeed who earned remarkable success in drama industry, didn’t forgot the small screen and even after conquering cinema screens, he is all set to make his comeback with an intense love story with her JPNA star Mehwish Hayat.


From last several years, Mehwish Hayat have been proving his class and versatility and now with this latest endeavor she have once again make sure that she’s one of the most superb actress of Pakistan.

‘Dillagi’ is set to on air in first half of 2016, although so far no official date is confirmed in this regard.

This drama serial is in limelight since makers of its unveiled about their latest project, the drama is directed by veteran actor-director Nadeem Baig and is written by Faiza Iftikhar.

Last week, the makers of the drama unveiled its first look/ first teaser which successfully delighted the masses. And now the second teaser is also released in this regard.


The drama will be on-airing on ARY Digital, and is very few of the dramas which gain much appreciation before its release.

The 1st released teaser told that the drama is a intense love story, and the seond one following it gestures that it is aggressive love story that meets no ends.

First Teaser ‘Dillagi’


Second Teaser ‘Dillagi’


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