List of Top 10 Companies in Pakistan


The companies’ matters in Pakistan regulate by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Here we are listing the top ten companies by the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The companies listed below are being listed because of best capital efficiency, profitability, free-float of shares, turnover of share, corporate social responsibilities and transparency.


Check out the list of top ten companies in Pakistan.

1. Fauji Fertiliser

Fauji Fertiliser is currently the leading fertilizer in Pakistan since 1978. This fertilizer company was incorporated as a private limited company in 1978. The journey started with the initial share capital of Rs. 813.9 million that is today Rs. 8.48 billion. Currently, 60% share of the urea manufacturing and marketing is being controlled by the Fauji Fertiliser.

2. Millat Tractors

Millat Tractors is the manufacturer of Millat tractors in Pakistan. Millat Tractors started the business after the introduction of Massey Ferguson tractors in the country in 1964. This company is now assembling and marketing tractors in the country on behalf of the Pakistan Tractor Corporation. Many times, Millat Tractors earned the award of Corporate Excellence Award of Management Association of Pakistan and the Top Companies Award of Karachi Stock Exchange (currently Pakistan Stock Exchange).


3. Pakistan Oilfields

Pakistan Oilfields is not the Pakistan State Oil. It is an independent oil exploration and consortium company in Pakistan. It is the leading oil and gas exploration and production company in Pakistan that is listed in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Pakistan Oilfields is the subsidiary of the Attock Oil Company Limited. In addition to the production of oil and gas, the other activities by the Pakistan Oilfields are LPG, Solvent Oil, and sulphur.

4. Archroma Pakistan

Archroma Pakistan is a leading dyes and chemicals company in Pakistan. It is engaged in field of sales and marketing of paper, textile, adhesives, construction and coatings industries. Archroma Pakistan is a multinational company that is working in Pakistan as well. Its headquarter is located in Karachi. Its other locations in the country are Jamshoro and Lahore.

5. Pakistan International Container Terminal

Pakistan International Container Terminal is a modern container terminal operating at berth 6-9, East Wharf, Karachi Port. Pakistan International Container Terminal involved in the exclusive construction, development, operations, and management of common user container terminal at the Karachi Port. Pakistan International Container Terminal is a public listed company.

6. Bata Pakistan

Located in Lahore, Bata Pakistan is the official manufacturing and marketing products of Bata in Pakistan. Bata Pakistan is operating in Pakistan since 1951. In 1979, its status changed from Bata Shoe Company to Bata Pakistan Limited. At present, there are four hundred retail outlets, 467 registered wholesale dealers, 13 wholesale depots, 28 wholesale distributors and 41 DSP wholesale franchises in Pakistan.

7. Crescent Steel

Crescent Steel is a conglomerate corporation listed in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Crescent Steel started its business in 1987 as a pipe manufacturing in the country. Now it has diversified businesses in four sectors that are textiles, engineering, capital markets and power spread. Five campuses of Crescent Steel are working in the country. Crescent Hadeed Private Limited, CS Capital Private Limited, and Shakarganj Energy Limited are its subsidiaries.

8. Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive is the provider of oral care products, personal care, fabric care and surface care products in the country. The main leading products of the Colgate-Palmolive are Colgate toothpaste & brushes, soaps, Brite Washing Powder, Bonus Washing Powder, Express Washing Power, and Max for cleaning. Colgate-Palmolive is the receiver of the top companies award by Karachi Stock Exchange as well.

9. Security Papers

Established in 1965 as a Security Papers Limited, this company got the status of Security Papers Public Limited Company in 1967. Security Papers is the leading manufacturer of paper for banknotes, financial instruments, prize bond, saving certificates, non-judicial stamp paper, university degree certificate and various other types of security papers in the country.

10. Hub Power Co

Hub Power Co is the premier largest and independent thermal power producer in the country. Hub Power Co is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. At present, it has over thirteen thousand Pakistani and international shareholders. Many times this company has achieved Karachi Stock Exchange award for top companies.


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