Mahira Khan & Shah Rukh Khan’s Latest Pictures from the set of ‘Raees’

(Last Updated On: 28/02/2016)

People have been long waiting for ‘Raees’ and its still several months ago as time is being stopped for the Mahira Khan and SRK fans since they have seen the first look of the actors from their movie Raees.

The leaked image probably was being captured during a wedding scene set for the film in Gujrat. The moviegoers were glad to see the couple as Mahira was seen clad in red wedding dress and Shah Rukh Khan in white Shalwar-Kameez.

We have brought you some latest leaks from the set of ‘Raees’, which are successfully winning the hearts all around. The team ‘Raees’ has camped nowadays in Mumbai as they are busy in shooting for the final stages of the film.

Yet now, officially posters or teasers possessing the lead are not out but the fans are chiming around to get even a sneak peak of their favorite stars in the film.

Mahira Khan, who is up to make her Bollywood debut with starring Raees opposite SRK is also climbing the success tree rapidly as few of people just get a chance to open their career with such a big-wig cast.

34-years old Pakistani actress have experienced humongous success in Pakistan film industry and with some very strong indications it seem that she will be shaking the B-town all over.




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