Mobilink Features Nargis Fakhri for New Year’s Calendar

After being reproached on social as well as print media, the top cellular company of Pakistan has taken a long stride to show-case Nargis Fakhri for the whole year.

As the new year starts, Mobilink has issued new calendar with multiple posing of famous model-actress of Bollywood industry Nargis Fakhri on each page of the calendar. She can been seen lying with a slight variation in different colours of costumes. On each page, she comes with the same smile and suggesting different package of the company with company’s Android in her hand.

The one thing which is common in all her pictures is the ‘curves’, which are quite explicit. It was such pose for which Pakistani media lashed out at her being shown on the front pages of many newspapers of the country. Social media also sparked out at the way the model was showcased in the leading newspapers’ front page.

Couple of days after it happened, the company and the girl have gone much ahead than what they did previously. Now, Fakhri will be seen in different costumes, posing, in her typical style.

Now, it can be gathered what would come out as a reaction of this move on the social media and how users would take it.