Online Bakra Mandi Pakistan 2016: Buy Bakra, Dumba, Cow & Camel for Eid Qurban 2016

With the development of technology and then the easy availability of websites, most of the business owners have started to sell their products. Maybe it surprise you, but it is true that most of the cattle owners are selling bakra, dumba, cow, camel and other Qurbani animals over the internet.

Now in Pakistan, while setting at your home, you can make an online booking for bakra, dumba, camel, etc. for sacrifice at Eid ul Azha for Qurbani in Pakistan. Qurbani is one of the most important parts of Islamic values and Muslims across globe sacrifice animals on first three days of Eid Qurbani. They do so in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH).

Some animal sellers are selling online these animals in Pakistan. They are even delivering the animals to the provided address along with Qasai on the Qurbani day. People can directly book these animals for charities as well.

This year average price of animals in Pakistan on Eid ul Adha is expected to be:

Bakra/Dumba/Chatra Small – Rs. 25,000, 23 KG

Bakra/Dumba/Chatra Medium – Rs. 33,000, 28 KG

Bakra/Dumba/Chatra Large – Rs. 45,000, 41 KG


Cow or Bull Complete – Rs. 66,500

Cow or Bull Participation – Rs. 9,500


Camel Complete – Rs. 168,000

Camel Participation – Rs. 24,000

Here are these two websites that are dealing in online selling of animals and qassai services

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Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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