Qandeel Baloch’s Facebook page blocked forever by Facebook management

It seems that Qandeel Baloch’s chapter is now closed as the Facebook management has blocked her Facebook fan page forever.

Earlier, Qandeel baloch’s page was removed by the Facebook over getting so many complaints from the users. But hours after the Facebook page was restored as the social media entertainer got busy again in jamming with her fans.

After getting back her blocked page she posted that no more videos, which hinted that she was removed from the Facebook over her controversial videos, that might be her strip dance trailer video or other videos of this type.

Here it should also be kept mentioned that, after Bloch’s Facebook page was restored after hours by FB management, the proper campaign was organized by several Facebook page asking for a permanent ban on fan page of the social media entertainer.

Here is one of the video revolving on the internet which shows the tutorial of how to report the Facebook page of Qandeel Baloch, the initiators of this campaign also asked to share the video among the other FB users. Furthermore, they also told to select the option of ‘sexually explicit’ to report the page.

YouTube video

With all this it seems that huge number of users have reported the page which gestures that the page will not be restored and is blocked permanently.


Qandeel Baloch's Facebook page blocked (1)

Qandeel Baloch's Facebook page blocked (2)


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