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Top 20 Habits Pakistani People Have In Common

Despite the fact we are divided into sects, nationalities and cast system but still there are many habits that being a Pakistani we share with each other. It give use sense of belongingness about what are the common point among use. Some are funny, some or emotional and some are simply heart touching. But it is the love of nation that force them to deliberately live with that values that are so called for others.

Here are some habits Pakistani people have in common. There will be surely someone you are doing.


Life Phases of A T-Shirt; Bara Bhai, Darmiyana Bhai, Chota Bhai and Pocha


Drawing Room is No Go Area with Expensive Sofas Covered with Old Bed sheets2 (2)


The Common Cause of All the Diseases Found in Pakistani is “Nazar Lag Gai Hai”3


Take The First Tea Sip Like “SHRRRRAP” and Then Breath Out Like “AHHHH”, If You Are A Tea Lover.4


When Saalan Finishes Roti Remains and If You Ask Up More Saalan Then Your Roti Finishes and The Saalan Remains5


Being a Student Comfortign Words Are “Yaar Mainay Abhi Tak Shuru Nhi Kya”6


“Ammi Abbu Ne Ijazat Naheen Di” Is the Official Way of Ditching Peoples7


Three Major Wars: Neighbour vs. Neighbor, Paindu vs. Burger and Karachi vs. Lahore8


If a Crow Does “Kayain Kayain” On Your Roof, It Means Guests Are Coming9


There Is A Shopping Bag in Every Home “Which is Full of Hundred Other Shopping Bags”10


When They Ask “Soya Hya Tha?” After Waking You Up From Deep Slumber11


Fridges in The Movies Pizza, Cakes and Drinks. “Fridges at Our Home Kacha Aata, Dhanya, Bacha Hua Saalan, and Doodh Ki Daigchi”12


By The Time the Guests Walks from the Main Door, “The Whole House is Cleaned Quicker and Better than Ever.”13


In “Wahan Rakha Hai” That “Wahan” Can Be Anywhere, On the Table Or a Glacier in Siachen14


The Thing About Summer is You Can Cancel Any Plans By Saying “Boht Garmi Hay Yar”15


When Someone Gets a Good Job: “Yaar Iska Koi Apna Banda Hoga Office Mai”16


That Fake Walk After Saying “Itnay Main Dena Hai To Do Bhai Warna Rehnay Do”17


When You Reuse Coke Bottle To Drink Water18


That Cricket Mate Who Say in Trouble “Mujh Pay Chor Day”19


“Khoolo” is Identity of the Person, Knocking at Door, When Asked Who?20

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