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Top sites for buying Bakra online this Eid ul Adha

(Last Updated On: 05/09/2016)

Things have changed in Pakistan since the arrival of 3G4G services in Pakistan, so are the shopping trends in the country are changed. And now it’s Eid ul Adha time like many other shoppings you can buy sacrificial animal online.

The trend of buying sacrificial animal online is not something new in Pakistan, though this practice has now got popular all around the nation.

The procedure of buying ‘Bakra’ or any other sacrificial animal online has got popular as  the people who don’t want to pay hectic visit to the busy markets go fr online buying.


The sites we have shortlisted have photos and complete description of animal and connects you with selller. Many of the sites also offer charity option so one settling abroad looking to giveaway sacrificial animal to the needy people or organization can also contact.

Home delivery options are given by the buyers on the site and a standard rate as per total weight of the animal is kept, though some special demands are also within it.

One buying animal online for Eid ul Azha can also get the information about the teeth of the animal as this is considered as one of the most common way of checking age of the animal while buying.


Top sites for buying Bakra online this Eid ul Adha






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