Uber Rickshaw Service in Pakistan to Launch Soon

Uber is going to launch a new riding service in Pakistan and Punjab capital Lahore will be the first to get this service. The three-wheeled vehicles are much popular across the country except Islamabad. So, Uber announced yesterday that this new service would be available, for cash only, in Lahore only. However, later on, it will be extended to other cities as well. Check out the Twitter status of Uber.

Just like Uber Car, the Uber Auto service can also be hailed via the official Uber app, and in the same manner, cash can be paid at the end of the ride. “Auto-rickshaws are an iconic part of the Lahore landscape, and we are excited to unveil another service from the platform of Uber,” the company posted on its Pakistani website.cuu0o2fwaaag9lh

For the information of our reader, Pakistani is not the first one to get uberAUTO service. The service has been already launched in neighbored country India as well. However, service there has been suspended because of some improvements requirement then announced by the company.

Uber is not the first one to offer rickshaw service in Lahore. Travly has been already doing well on Lahore roads.

How to Book Uber Auto Rickshaw?

The passengers are required to use the uber official application and insert their current destination and the destinations where they want to go and well get the route. After that, the Uber Auto Rickshaw will be there to pick up the passenger to its desired location. If interested in how Uber Auto will work? The answer is very simple. When the traveler submits a request for the trip, the Uber Auto servers will automatically find out the nearest rickshaw stations and then will send back the detail to the passenger and send the rickshaw.

Uber Auto Payment Method?

Both cash and credit card payments will be acceptable by the Uber. Plan for the mobile wallets and payments are currently under consideration because some cash customers are high in the country.

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