Changes in Visa Interview System every US Visa Applicant needs to know!

Getting visa or going through the interview process  for it is always said to be a tiresome task although professionals in the office makes it quite relaxing for the applicants .

US Consulate Karachi is one of the US consulates working in Pakistan, the staff over there is said to be quite friendly and helpful.

Therefore, due to kind behavior they also posses followers on their social media presences.

Up the latest, US Consulate Karachi took it to the Facebook to tell about the change in their interview system.

The move of keeping people updated on social media was done to get the higher outreach among the people and to avoid any further inconvenience for the US Visa applicants.

Here is what US Consulate General Karachi have to tell about the change in Visa Interview System:

“Attention visa applicants!

US Consulate Karachi has made the following changes to its visa interview appointment system:
1. If you’re scheduling a visa appointment at the consulate, you’ll be asked to choose a language, you would like to use for your visa interview. Choose wisely because you will not be able to change your language choice once you arrive at the consulate. Instead, you’ll be asked to return and reschedule your appointment with the correct language choice.
2. Please arrive no more than 30 minutes before your scheduled interview time. Applicants who arrive earlier will not be admitted until 30 minutes before their scheduled time. Also, if you’re more than 30 minutes late, you will not be admitted for an interview and must reschedule for another day.”


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