How to Use Uber Car Service Online and App to Book Cab?

It seems the means for transportation and traveling will be changed in Pakistan very soon. Pakistan is also gradually entering the world of technology where everything is transforming from classical way of working with the smart working system.

The launch of the global renowned car service Uber in Pakistan has opened the new era of traveling from one place to another. Soon there will be a culture in Pakistan when people rather than standing on taxi stations waiting for taxi/cab will prefer to book their ride right from the home or other places.

Before discussing the method of how to use Uber online service or its official application, we would like to draw your attention towards its car services that are:

  • Uber Economy
  • Uber Premium

Now here is the process to book an Uber ride.

Step 1: Move to the official website of Uber to create account https://www.uber.com/en-PK/sign-in/. You can also use its official Uber app as well that is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Step 2: Now click/tap each ride option to see time, size and price.

Step 3: Enter the pickup location (if your current position is picking up position then it will automatically be deducted by Uber) and tap request. You will be provided with vehicle details and driver’s contact information in website/app (whatever you are using)

Step 4: Wait for the driver. You can follow his position on the map as well.

Uber will automatically deduct the amount from your credit card detail so don’t forget to give the detail of authenticating credit card. In some cities, Uber is also offering cash payment method as well, but for this, you are required to mention in advance while booking the cab.

In the end, you can rate your driver when you reach your destination.

How to Get the Uber Fare Estimate?

From the main website of official website of Uber, you can get a fare estimate. Just provide the pickup location and destination information, and you will provide by fare estimate. Here is the link for fare estimate https://www.uber.com/en-PK.

Note: Fares may vary due to traffic, weather, and other factors. The estimate does not include flat rates, discounts, or promotions.

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