Infinix announces Zero Edge Series (Photos & Details)

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 01/04/2017)

It has been around two years since and Infnix collaboration has let Pakistanis enjoy cheap and latest technology smartphones of Infinix. It won’t be wrong to call them the gamechanger in the Pakistani market as at first changed the way how people used to shop.

With Daraz’s set up in Pakistani went on preferring online shopping, and due to this Daraz became the largest e-store of Pakistan. On the other hand, Infinix set up in 2013 have made their name globally among smartphone and tablet market, and with their arrival, they broke the common stereotype ‘good things cost your pocket’ and brought latest technology phones at a pocket-friendly price.

Infinix’s latest phone Infinix Zero 3 and Zero 4 made these company instant hit in the Pakistani market.

And now as the challenger company like Xiaomi has entered the market, Infinix has decided to come up with something bigger nad better.

All the hype around is because Infinix has announced their Zero Edge series, although so far specs and other details are not out it comes with a tag coming soon along with an official photo revolving around on the internet.

The official statement writes: “GOOD NEWS!!! 🙂
We proudly announce that today is a grand day for Infinix, here we are launching Infinix Zero edge series first generation. We define it as our first 360 degree screen so called infinity screen with 2k super amoled ,and it will be available very soon!”

Many netizens are of the view that it is nothing else than the April Fool joke.

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