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Khaadi Man Eid 2017 Latest Collection (Photos)

(Last Updated On: 26/10/2018)

Men are not far behind the women when it is about shopping, especially when it is Eid. Men consume equal time as the women do for shopping purpose as they are also with aim to look best on the events. As it is time for Eid people are glad to wear righteously to make a positive impression.

Keeping all this in view, Khaadi has come up with the latest collection for the men, this Eid.

Khaadi is the Pakistani fashion brand, headquartered in Karachi, has presence all across the globe. With their inventiveness and credibility it has been standing among the top fashion brands of Pakistan.

The brand was founded by Shamoon Sultan, back in 1999 on December 13,  as tomorrow on 13 Khaadi will turn out 17, the superior brand brings out a special offer for the customers in Pakistan. Here it should also be kept mentioned that the offer is just availed for stores in Pakistan and in online stores.

Khaadi Man Eid 2017 Collection

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