P 4 Pakao Nadir Ali Funny Videos Collection

By Abdul Hadi — Published on 28/04/2017

The Facebook Live Video system and YouTube channel creation offers have opened the door of masses over the internet. Those who believe they can do something special or they are expert in any skill can showcase their talent at the online world of those platforms where in addition to showing the talent they can earn a huge amount as well.


Comedy is called to be one of the most difficult professions. Forcing the others to laugh at your jokes is not an easy task. Many people have created their channels over the social media platforms and are making their fans laugh more and more. Among these lots of names, one renowned name is the Nadir Ali.

Nadi Ali is the ex-member of famous Pakistani prank show Zara Hut Kay. He is now running his own prank show as P 4 Pakao. His prank show is doing well over the internet. Talking to the media about this new prank show, Nadir Ali said, the aim of this show is to entertain the viewers only. The team of P 4 Pakao only wants to entertain the viewers has never been before.


Up to so far, Nadir Ali has recorded many prank shows in which most of the shows have been recorded in Karachi and very few in the Lahore as well. Nadir Ali is a Karachi based artist who was past working with Zara Hut Kay.

P 4 Pakao Videos Collection/Nadir Ali Funny Videos Collection

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