Punjab Government to initiate Vanity Number Plates for Vehicles

Government of Punjab enjoys the well-established Computer sector in the province o they don’t shy away from embracing the technology and giving the more comfort and luxuries to the residents.

Up the latest, Punjab Government has come up with the initiative of vanity or the personalized number plates in Pakistan. This scheme will be brought in business from this October. Through this offer, one could easily get the personalized alphanumerical number plate or a special one.

It will be pertinent to mention here that, an online portal will be set for this purpose and the people will be asked to set or design the number plate according to their wish.

This initiative will allow person to online order the vanity plate or the alphanumeric number plate. This offer will include the colored, themed or the names with different alphanumerical plates.

How to get vehicle Registration done in Pakistan?

  1. In case of registration in the name of original purchaser
  • Application for registration of vehicle – Form-F.
  • Copy of National Identity Card of Owner (In case of individual).
  • Original Sales Certificate of Vehicle.
  • Original Sales Invoice of Vehicle.
  • Payment of registration fee, number plate fee and other leviable taxes.

Rana Hamza is local journalist from Multan and work for local news agency. He is also Feature Writer for Web.pk and very active in sports and showbiz news insights. He holds Masters in English Writing. Mashable Pakistans's Web Culture Reporter. Reach out to him on Twitter via email at hamza [at] web.pk. Hamza graduated from Emerson University of Multan in 2015.

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