Punjab Police Online Tenants Registration and Verification Process

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 09/08/2017)

To entertain the property owners in Punjab, Punjab Police has taken an initiative as Online Tenants Registration and Verification Process. This online service is only for the property owners and only they can fill this online form to register the information of the tenants. Now, rather than going to the Police Station, tenants information can be registered online as well as the information will be recorded into the record of Punjab Police.

For the information of the readers, this is only tenant information and verification system is available for the registered property owners only.

Punjab Police Online Tenants Registration Step by Step

Step 1: Move to the link

Step 2: In the form given below type any code and enter the mobile number and click on the Send Code (Code Bhaijain).

Step 3: Open that form again and this time in the code section, enter the code sent by the Punjab Police Department and enter the mobile number and click on Code Ki Tasdeeq Karin.

Step 4: A new page will be open asking for registration. Select the status like Tennant, Property Owner or Dealer and provide all information and click on Next Step (Agla Marhala).

Step 5: Now this is the last step of the stage. Once you will click on the Next Step in Step 4 a new page will be opened in a form. Provide all information and register the tenant information. Below is the sample of complete form in the last step of the registration.

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