Saba Qamar Reaction over Neelum Munir’s Dance Video

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 02/02/2017)

The private dance video of actress and stage dancer Neelum Munir is circulating over the social media platforms. In a private video, Neelum Munir can be seen doing some sexy moves over Indian popular song Mahi Way Muhabbatan Sachiyan Nay. Right after the uploading of video over social media platforms, social media users were unable to keep themselves restraint for commenting to record their reaction.

First, watch the video of Neelum Munir dancing in the car.


Now Saba Qamar stepped into the arena to save her industry mate. Although it is not clear either she is appraising her, pumping her or making the fun of her colleague. Well, she extended her wished and love message for Neelum Munir.


Recently Neelum has also cleared her position over her dance video. According to Neelum, she was hanging out with her girlfriends, and one of her friends recorded her dance video and leaked the same over the social media platforms.

But social media users have to say this is routine for these actresses to get the camera lights using these cheap methods. Someone tweeted over Twitter that she is trending in Karachi and this is what she was looking for. Meanwhile, someone said that ban over Careem and Uber is because of video of Neelum Munir.

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