Neelum Munir Dancing in Car: Video

(Last Updated On: 02/02/2017)

The video of Pakistani TV and stage drama actress, Neelum Munir, leaked over the internet. In the video, Neelum Munir can be seen busted some movies over the song “Mahi Way Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne.” This new dance video of Neelum Munir led to speculation either video is leaked or deliberately recorded and uploaded by the actress to get some camera lights.

Here is the video of the star:


In the video it can be seen, Neelum Munir wearing a white dress does some moves on famous Indian song Mahi Way Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne. At the end of the video, Neelum cracks out some energetic moves while sitting in the car seat. Just after the release of the video, people went to the social media platforms to pass on their comments. Check out what social media is saying about the actress.

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