Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2023

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 18/01/2023
Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed, and Alkaram Studio are among the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan 2023. These brands showcase both traditional ethnic dresses and modern trends that appeal to the modern Pakistani women.

Want to figure out the top 20 clothing brandsin Pakistan in 2023? Can you guess which brands cut? Have you ever considered checking out the traditional ethnic apparel, modern trends, and fusion designs these brands offer? Discuss, and let’s explore the fascinating realm of Pakistani clothing together!


Many different clothing brands have found success in both the domestic and international markets because of Pakistan’s thriving fashion sector. These brands aim to please a broad variety of customers by stocking a a wide variety of clothing, from traditional ethnic wear to cutting-edge fashion to fusion designs.

The country’s major apparel brands heavily influence Pakistan’s fashion industry. In addition to offering stylish garments, they help the economy by producing new jobs and bringing in money from overseas sales. Pakistan’s fashion sector has received international acclaim for its clothes quality, brand innovation, and creativity.


In Pakistan, the value of clothing brands extends well beyond the provision of trendy garments. By providing work for experts like designers, tailors, craftspeople, and marketers, they have a huge economic impact. The fashion industry sustains the textile industry since clothing brands purchase raw materials and components from regional suppliers.

In addition, clothing brands in Pakistan help the economy and society by providing economic opportunities for local craftspeople and protecting historic techniques. Brands often work with artisans in the area to produce one-of-a-kind textiles and apparel. The brands contribute to the preservation of Pakistan’s cultural heritageand the well-being of local people by using these traditional methods.

The four distinct seasons are represented in Pakistan. Living in this great nation through all four seasons, from the springtime blossoming of beautiful flowers to the chill of winter nights, is really a remarkable experience. Having so many alternatives requires careful consideration. Do you find yourself frustrated by the high cost of the brands you love?

In Pakistan, branded apparel is worth as much as a luxury item due to its rarity and high price. The top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan always strive to provide the highest quality products. This has led to the rise of several high-end fashion brands in Pakistan. However, the majority of top female clothing brands in Pakistan are so well made that any lady would be eager to try them.

The Fashion and Style Options Offered in Pakistan for Females

The top female clothing brands in Pakistan significantly impact the local fashion scene by meeting the wants and demands of women everywhere. These Pakistani brands provide a lot for women, giving them independence, self-assurance, and a way to express themselves creatively via clothing.

Festivals play a significant role in Pakistani culture and represent the country’s long and illustrious history. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re celebrating a wedding or Eid. Pakistanis, in general, are social butterflies and fashion plates when it comes to events of this kind. While local males may be limited in their clothing selections, local ladies are eager to dress to impress in expensive designer wear. This has paved the way for new designers and brands to gain prominence by producing some of the season’s most talked-about womenswear offerings.

Here are the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan that specialize in such fabrics, providing you with the finest lines of prêt and casual wear, all suited to satisfy your seasonal demands, whether you’re searching for designer grass outfits to remain cool in the summer or cambric shirts to go to winter.

You may learn all you want to about these top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan.

1.   Zellbury

ZellbBury is one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. Zellbury always ranks high because it is the most reliable and cost-effective apparel brand in Pakistan. They provide a wide variety of fashionable and functional gowns, both ready-to-wear and those that need sewing. This means that you may have high-quality fabrics and patterns for as low as PKR 1990.

2.   Cross Stitching

According to its name, this brand features a novel combination of fabrics and exquisite needlework. One of the most popular clothing lines in Pakistan is Cross Stitch, which offers both stitched and unstitched options with ethnic embroidery and is hence popular year-round. The lowest available price is above PKR 400.

3.   Deepak Perwani

This company has been around since 1994 and is known for its extensive collections of men’s and women’s apparel. Pakistani actor and designer Deepak Perwani. Dresses in both Eastern and Western styles are available. A Deepak Perwani store serves every major city in Pakistan. It’s the biggest kurta ever made, according to Guinness World Records. This Kurti was about 800 kilograms in weight and 101 feet in height.

4.   Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa, one of Pakistan’s most popular apparel brands, launched in 2009 and has quickly become a market leader. It offers sewn and unstitched clothing in its signature design and the latest trends. Its bridal line is also quite popular. It designs its fabric to be very excellent across various applications. The cities of Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are all served.

5.   Limelight

Equally well-liked is Limelight, a Pakistani brand for women’s clothing that blends Eastern and Western styles at affordable prices. Beautiful designs that every lady is sure to admire can be found in the unstitched collection. Furthermore, prices are low, falling between PKR 900 and PKR 1000.

6.   Khaadi

Khaadi is one of Pakistan’s most well-known apparel brands for a good reason. The collections range from unstitched to formal attire and beyond. However, for such a well-known apparel brand, the beginning price of PKR 1,800 is quite low. Khaadi is one of Pakistan’s most recognizable brands, first appearing in the clothing industry in 1998. It all started with a hand-woven kurta and has now spread to almost every category of women’s clothing. Khaadi also offers men’s kurtas. The lowest possible price is about 2500 PKR.

7.   Sapphire

This brand, Sapphire, appeals to women of all ages. Its high-quality fabric, unique patterns, roomier prints, and striking color contrast make it a fan favorite. It includes both everyday and formal wear. The sapphire quickly gained in popularity following its introduction. The stitched collection contains stylish and eye-catching patterns, although the unstitched collection is more often purchased. In addition to apparel and accessories, Sapphire also offers footwear and purses. Typically, its price range starts at about 3000 PKR.

8.   Warda

Warda is one of Pakistan’s most popular brands regarding fashion, quality, and value. Women’s apparel, both ready-to-wear and unstitched, in various designs and materials is available. Its cheapest pricing point starts at 890 PKr.

9.   Beechtree

Beechtree will be among Pakistan’s most popular apparel brands by 2021. The contrast in colors makes it appropriate for both winter and summer, and the stitched and unstitched flower designs make it fashionable and chic. Prices start at about 1800 PKR.

10. Generation

In Pakistan, people like Generation due of has few yet versatile pieces. Generation is the place to go when you can’t get your look anywhere else. Generation is always trying new things and coming up with fresh styles for each season. Generation is a brand for women alone that proudly celebrates its femininity. Their typical entry-level cost is $1350.

11. Zeen

Branded apparel from Pakistan is the best you can get because of the high quality of the materials used. Zeen, a well-known Pakistani apparel brand, is renowned for its eye-catching designs and vivid color palette. Zeen’s large selection of sophisticated patterns never fails to win over new fans. Zeen, however, may be had for a mere PKR 2000 at the very minimum. Zeen has a wide selection of fashionable, ready-to-wear options for women.

12. Orient

Orient Textile is an innovative and original brand with deep roots in Pakistani history and tradition. Orient Textile is known for releasing seasonal collections of distinctive designs that express the spirit of Pakistani culture via the use of vibrant colors and geometric patterns. On the other side, Orient has skyrocketed in recent years to become one of Pakistan’s most prominent fashion houses. They have regular retail pricing for both men’s and children’s apparel. Prices start at only PKR 1550 for this brand, which is a steal considering the quality of the cuts they provide.

13. Sana Safinaz

As one of Pakistan’s first businesses, Sana Safinaz has earned its place among the country’s most prestigious fashion brands. Sana Sanfinaz is considered among the top female clothing brands in Pakistan. The patterns and colors are what really get people to spend more money. We hope that Sana Safinaz’s introductory pricing of 900 PKR will persuade you to visit us.

14. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi makes clothes for women that help them feel beautiful and secure in their bodies. It’s a well-known brand in the Pakistani fashion industry. Every member of the family is welcome at Bonanza Satrangi. Being a comprehensive answer, the starting price is set at PKR 1250.

15. Gul Ahmed

Just as we can’t overlook another iconic Pakistani fashion brand, Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed’s ready-to-wear is renowned for its superior fabric quality and distinctive tailoring. The beginning price of Gul Ahmed is just 1500 PKR, which is reasonable when considering the print and quality. Gul Ahmad, a Pakistani clothing brand popular with both sexes, has been around for ten years. Gul Ahmad is famous for its bold patterns and sturdy textiles.

16. Nishat Linen

The upper-middle and upper class often choose Nishat due to the brand’s sophisticated looks. Its dressy offerings showcase an original assortment of styles with little embellishment. The material also has a high durability rating. The female half of Pakistani society favors Nishat Linen because of its attractive patterns and soft hues. There will be several possibilities for you to consider. There are additional collections for men and children if you want to purchase presents. One of Pakistan’s most recognizable names is the Nishat Group of Companies. The lowest pricing point starts at about 4000 PKR.

17. Al Karam

Who doesn’t love the unique styles of Al Karam? Al Karam is renowned for its exquisite tailoring and luxurious fabrics. There is a wide variety of men’s and children’s clothing at Al Karam. Consequently, most of the sets can be had for about PKR 1550. We would be remiss if we didn’t include Alkaram Studio as one of the best Pakistani fashion brands. It’s become well-known as a go-to destination for stylish apparel at affordable pricing. In addition, the price range for both the unstitched and stitched collections begins at 1800 PKr.

18. So Kamal

Because of its stunning floral patterns and harmonious color palette, So Kamal is a favorite with married and single ladies alike. Among the best clothing brands in Pakistan, it sells finished and raw fabrics for as little as 2500 PKr for each item.

19. BTW

Among young people, BTW is synonymous with excellent quality and cutting-edge style. You may shop for a wide variety of handbags, shoes, scarves, and other items, including stitching. Among modern teenage girls, it is a go-to brand.

20. Maria B

Maria. B is a cutting-edge international fashion brand with a strong presence in the Pakistani market. Most of its ads are filmed in other countries, contributing to its international recognition. It was about $2,700.


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