20 Amazing Facts About Karachi You Need to Know


Karachi, the symbol of Pakistan’s opulent past and thriving present, is the largest metropolitan in the country having ancient and modern blend seamlessly together. It is the home to millions of dreams and takes on unprecedented responsibilities making dreams come true by bringing people closer and inspiring their thoughts.


Karachi is not a city only; it is the universe of its own. In this article we are going to present some interesting facts about this unique city that you may have to listen before:

Karachi, the first capital of Pakistan

It was the first Federal Capital of Pakistan that was later on replaced with Islamabad.

Its population makes it first in Pakistan and Sixth in World

It is the largest populated city in Pakistan and the sixth largest populated city in the world.

Karachi Stock Exchange

Karachi Stock Exchange that has been no merged as Pakistan Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in South Asia regarding market consolidation.

A large number of immigrants

The city is the home of millions of immigrants like 1 million Bengalis, 0.5 million Burmese Rohingya and others like African slaves, Afghans, Filipinos, Indians, Iranians and Chinese.


3rd Largest Mosque in the World

The third largest mosque in the world after Mecca and Medina is being constructed in Karachi named Grand Jamiah Karachi.

Asia’s largest Christian Cross

Asia’s largest Christian cross is also located in Korangi, Karachi with a height of 140 foot.

Religious Diversity

One of the amazing specialities of Karachi is that it boasts one of the largest urban Christian, Hindu, Baha’i and ancient Parsi communities in Pakistan

Edhi Organization

World’s largest private ambulance network Edhi Organisation also belong to Karachi

South Asia’s Tallest Building

Icon Tower Karachi was once the tallest building in South Asia from 2016-2017. Now, this 68 story building is the second largest in South Asia.

Largest Mall in South Asia

The Lucky One Mall in Karachi is the largest Mall in South Asia.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town is the largest private real estate group in Asia

Asia’s Largest Avenue

The Jinnah Avenue with whopping 20 lanes is the largest avenue in Asia

It’s Biryani and Kozi Haleem

Its Biryani and Kozi Haleem are undoubtedly the most popular cuisines in the city

Economical Hub

It is vital to Pakistan’s economy and contributes almost 42% to GDP and 70% of income tax revenue and 62% of sales tax revenue.

World’s Cheapest City

Karachi is among the World’s Cheapest Cities to live in.

Media Electronic Capital

The city is also the electronic media hub and capital of Pakistan

City of Lights

The city is known as the city that never sleeps. It is the City of Lights

Port City

Karachi is a port city with a boiling pot of all sorts of regional representations

More number of beaches

The city has more number of populated beaches like Sea View, Hawks Bay, Boulevard, etc.

Most Polluted City in the World

Unfortunately, Karachi is also the most polluted city in the Pakistan and world too.

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