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Armeena Khan voices against Sheikh Rasheed and here’s how Twitter reacted

Known for his outspoken and bold statement, Sheikh Rasheed never fails to make his place in the headlines. But it sometimes gets backfired, if some really take a stand against him. In the recent turn of events, Janaan leading lady lashes out at the Rawalpindi-based politician over his derogatory comments about the entertainment industry. But what went not very much favour in the gorgeous actress is people actually started criticizing her.

One of the reasons which made Armeena free-hit for internet trollers is that she wasn’t actually aware of the name of Sheikh Rasheed, who is a mainstream politician in Pakistan.

At the same time, one can’t deny Armeena Khan’s valiant attitude which makes her remain vocal on various burning issues on the internet. Even this time, when Sheikh Rasheed’s fan and followers tried to take a dig at her she didn’t give up straight away rather tried to shut them up with more of her words.

Many of the netizens tried to tell Armeena that what she terms derogatory of him is actually not meant to hurt the feelings of someone from entertainment industry; they were only the emotional comments, which are part of his outspoken personality.

It should be noted here that Sheikh Rasheed is known for raising TRP’s of the political show as he always has something big or crazy to offer to the listeners.








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