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Beautiful Hijab Style Ideas For College Girls & Working Women


The word “hijab” comes from the Arabic “hajaba,” which means to conceal or hide from view. One of the vital part of Islamic clothing of women. The purpose of which is to cover the head of Muslim women as in Islam the body of a woman should be covered in a way that only her hands and face and feet are visible and covering of the body should lose clothes, so that shape of her body isn’t prominent. Its the basic requirement of clothing of women in Islam. It’s also stated in Ahadees that Muslim women shouldn’t wear clothes like men.
Coming back to Hijab, Hijab is getting more popular nowadays as it covers the hair or head and in addition to it make the women look more decent as compared to other means of Hijab such as scarf or dupatta because it provides complete covering and including neck and while on the other hand the different ways have some disadvantages such as dupatta, it covers the head but you always have to reset it again and again which is an additional work but with Hijab once set you don’t need to fix it now and then.
Due to the popularity and advantages of hijab, many brands have started showing interest in it, and now even Nike has come up with its product of Hijab.
Now Hijab comes in different colours and styles before it was only in black. The style to wear hijab in different countries is different, and especially in Arab countries every state has a little touch of difference. There are the different style of Hijab as well which varies from area to area or country to country. These scarves come in many styles and colours. The type most commonly worn in the West covers the head and neck.


Hijab Style For College Girls:

Working women Hijab & Sunglasses:

Hijab Style With Jeans:


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