Fahad Mustafa insulted young girl in Jeeto Pakistan and here’s how she won IBA Scholarship

Undoubtedly, Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan is the biggest game show of Pakistan television industry, and it gets even during the Ramadan as the host aims to give more gifts and prizes to the attendees. With having millions of viewers across Pakistan and worldwide, Jeeto Pakistan just went on getting bigger and better with every passing. But here’s something circulating on social media about Jeeto Pakistan host Fahad Mustafa and for sure it isn’t pleasing in any way.

Putting all the hoopla aside, social media has taken a bold stand against Fahada Mustafa as the merciless trolling and insulting live on national TV have become something very often part of this game show. The host, Fahad Mustafa, who is also acknowledged as Pakistan’s one of the topmost actors tries to get the humor spice in the show with making fun of contestants, but that badly ails and it turns out an awkward and insulting movement for the attendees.

Fat-shaming is something very much favourite of JPNA actor as he doesn’t even leave the chance of doing with his own onstage crew.

But this time something really unwanted happened and people aren’t ‘Ok’ with it.  The Jeeto Pakistan host was presented a hand-made sketch by one of the young attendee girls. What went wrong with all this was Fahada Mustafa’s response to the young girl as he not only insulted the work of the young girl but also advised her not to make sketches anymore.

Social media responded to it with full vigour and now the young girl named Farheen has got the fully-funded summer course scholarships from the top institutes like LUMS and IBA.






Rana Hamza is local journalist from Multan and work for local news agency. He is also Feature Writer for Web.pk and very active in sports and showbiz news insights. He holds Masters in English Writing. Mashable Pakistans's Web Culture Reporter. Reach out to him on Twitter via email at hamza [at] web.pk. Hamza graduated from Emerson University of Multan in 2015.

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