NADRA Naya Pakistan Housing Program Registration Form & Eligibility Criteria


The PTI Government has finally launched its first ever Public Sector Mega Development Project named Apna Ghar Housing Scheme or Naya Pakistan Housing Program in collaboration with NADRA. Under the Naya Pakistan Program – Apna Ghar Housing Scheme Phase-I, subsidises homes at easy instalments will be constructed in the following seven districts:

  • Sukkur
  • Quetta
  • Gilgit
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Sawat
  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Lodhran District – 800 houses of 3 & 5 Marla
  • Chistian Dist Bahawalnagar – 1400 houses of 3 Marla
  • Okara – 1000 houses of 3 and 5 Marla

After the successful completion of Phase-1, more phases will be launched for the rest of the districts of Pakistan. PTI government plans to construct and distribute at least 5 million homes for the deserving and needy persons in the country.

Naya Pakistan Housing Program Details

Only people meeting the following eligibility criteria are advised to apply:

  • Only one person per family (husband, wife, child) is eligible to apply in this scheme
  • Preference will be given to the candidates who do not own any independent residential unit in the country
  • Currently, the scheme has been launched for seven districts across Pakistan as mentioned above. The candidates from above-mentioned districts can submit their Naya Pakistan Registration Forms from October 22, 2018, to December 21, 2017, by depositing registration fee of Rs. 250.
  • For the information of the willing people, Naya Pakistan Housing Program Registration Form is free of cost. Photocopy of the Form is also acceptable.
  • Moreover, providing complete and clear information in the form is mandatory, otherwise, it will be rejected by the concern authorities.

Naya Pakistan Housing Program Cost and Installment

The government has still not announced the exact cost and instalment plan for the homes. However, it is being said that homes under the scheme will be available at economical prices and maximum cost of the home will not exceed Rs. 2,500,000 at all. Moreover, there will be an easy instalment plan of almost 15 to 20 years.


If completed successfully, it will be one of the biggest milestones of the PTI Government that is ruling for the first time on Pakistan. Along with Naya Pakistan, PTI government has announced several other welfare schemes and public development projects such as ten million jobs, allowances for the senior citizens and much more. However, till now these are just announcements and government is taking serious measures to make these realities.

Economists over this mega project are showing some concerns that who the government will be able to complete even half of this project when it is claiming that national treasury is almost empty and previous government has left nothing except heavy external and circular debts. Well, the time has it’s on way to reveal the truth. However, we must show an optimistic approach for the current government and must give them a chance to showcase their policies for the nation.

Click link below to Download the Naya Pakistan Housing Program:

Apna Ghar Housing Scheme Registration Form Link PDF

  1. This form is for registration only.
  2. Based on the data collected from these forms, housing specification including design, price and site will be decided for the applicants.
  3. Preference will be given to candidates who do not own any independent residential unit in Pakistan.
  4. Only one person per family ( husband, wife and children ) is eligible to apply in this scheme.
  5. PKR 250 per form should be deposited along with this registration form.
  6. It is compulsory to fill every field. Please fill this form in ENGLISH using BLOCKLETTERS.
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